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President Trump has promised to increase military spending. Rachel Martin talks to retired Army Col. Peter Mansoor about whether that spending is possible under the Republican tax plan. GO TO SOURCE Author: NPR

January contracts for the skyrocketing digital currency opened at just under $15,500 on Sunday and had spiked to more than $18,000 hours later. (Image credit: Kin Cheung/AP) GO TO SOURCE Author: NPR

Over the weekend, the Thomas Fire had been declared 15 percent contained, but on Sunday, officials downgraded that to just 10 percent as the fire spread north, encompassing 230,000 acres. (Image credit: Mike Eliason/AP) GO TO SOURCE Author: NPR

Nearly one child a month dies after being entangled in window blind cords, despite years of effort to reduce the toll. A new industry standard to remove most corded blinds from the market may help. (Image credit: Joanne Dugan/Getty Images)…

More than half of Myanmar’s Rohingya have fled the country since 1978 because of periodic military crackdowns. Activist Adbul Rasheed is working for the safe repatriation of his people. (Image credit: Claire Harbage/NPR) GO TO SOURCE Author: NPR