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Alabama voters still support Roy Moore

Potential GOP Alabama voters weigh in on the Roy Moore controversy in a new focus group aired on ‘Vice News Tonight.’ The Morning Joe panel discusses how the group appears willing to forgive Moore for past misconduct. Read more
What does it say if Roy Moore wins?

Newly-released Roy Moore audio from 2011 finds the Republican saying all but the first 10 amendments of the Constitution should be eliminated. The panel discusses. Read more
Can Doug Jones pull out a win in Alabama?

While Roy Moore kept a low profile this weekend, his Democratic challenger Doug Jones campaigned around the state with Cory Booker and Deval Patrick just ahead of the special election. Can he pull out a win? Read more

Allie, a biracial teenager who trusts the voice in her head more than any of the voices outside, braces herself as her foster father climbs the stairs to her room. He’s going to rape her. He always does. Except this…

BIRMINGHAM, Ala (Reuters) – President Donald Trump sought to boost Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore by releasing a recorded phone call on his behalf in the final stretch of a bitter Alabama election fight marked by accusations of sexual…
Alabama GOP senator can’t vote for Moore

Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Al., has already cast his ballot in the state’s special election, but he couldn’t bring himself to vote for Roy Moore. The Morning Joe panel discusses Shelby’s remarks from the weekend. Read more

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Incoming Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell, chosen by U.S. President Donald Trump to keep the recovery humming, appears set to let an expected trillion=dollar tax cut run its course through the economy as weak wage growth and…
Alabama Secretary of State: “My vote has…

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill cast his vote early for Roy Moore, but says the allegations by multiple women alleging that Moore harassed and groped them as teenagers were not a consideration in his vote. Read more