Hi! We’re Roll Call reporters Stephanie Akin, Erin Bacon and Alex Gangitano. We’ve been covering sexual misconduct in Congress since the beginning of the year. Ask Us Anything!

We’re Roll Call reporters Stephanie Akin (@stephanieakin), Erin Bacon (@erindbacon) and Alex Gangitano (@AlexGangitano). Ask us anything about our reporting, how Congress deals with sexual misconduct, and what we expect moving forward.

We’ll be answering questions from u/CQ_RollCall, but each of us will sign the responses using our own name.

Proof: https://twitter.com/rollcall/status/938146273789661184

Edit: Thank you for an amazing AMA! Our reporters need to get back to the breaking news that’s been erupting from Capitol Hill all morning. Thank so much for your questions. Considering following our team on Twitter. They are @erindbacon, @stephanieakin and @alexgangitano, and our newsroom tweets from @rollcall. Let’s do this again soon!

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